Redwood Cronacle

Central Process Scheduling (CPS) by SAP or Redwood Cronacle is a real-time event-driven scheduling and process automation software. It helps an organization to streamline, automate, and manage end-to-end business and IT processes across the enterprise landscape to improve productivity, enhance operational excellence, and increase business value.

Course Duration: 4 Days

Course Objectives
» Introduction to CPS or Cronacle
» CPS or Cronacle Architecture
» Job Chains and Job Definitions
» Redwood Scripting
» Filters and Reports
» Time-and Event-based Job Scheduling
» Scheduling SAP Jobs
» Creation and Configuration of SAP systems in CPS
» Installation and Configuration of Platform agents
» Process Servers and Queues
» Resources and Locks
» Load Balancing
» Jobs Monitoring and Troubleshooting
» Email and Error Handling
» Security Administration

» Basic operating system knowledge
» Experience using SQL and PL/SQL
» Java basics
» Knowledge in creating jobs in SAP (SM36)