QlickView Expression Development And Deployment

DiligentSolutions training brings you the power of QlikView Expressor data management to your analytical apps and entire QlikView environment. The QlikView Expressor Development and Deployment course provides hands-on training to develop QlikView metadata-driven applications using QlikView Expressor Desktop and to make QlikView Expressor applications that can reduce the amount of QlikView script needed when preparing data for QlikView. It covers dataflow creation using QlikView Expressor components, dataflow management, business logic implementation by rule creation and data transformation operations, and QlikView Expressor deployment in conjunction with a QlikView deployment.

Course Duration: 4 Days

Course Objectives
» Describe the main characteristics of QlikView Expressor
» Position QlikView Expressor in customer's BI stack, either with or without an existing QlikView deployment
» Install and set up a working environment in QlikView Expressor
» Connect to data sources using QlikView Expressor
» Manipulate data and deliver the desired output using QlikView Expressor
» Use Datascript for data transformations
» Specify business rules and filters
» Use the repository of QlikView Expressor and re-use artifacts
» Describe steps necessary to deploy QlikView applications after QlikView Expressor output
» Describe how QlikView Governance Dashboard works

Please feel free to contact us to find out course schedule and offerings via email at training@diligentsolutions.net or by dialing the toll free number at 1-877-658-8118 x.229