Oracle Database 11G: Performance, Security And Manageability

Features are classified into 3 broad categories and include the following:

Managing change - Database Replay, SQL Performance Advisor, SQL Plan management;

Managing Fault - Automatic Diagnostic Workflow, Support Workbench, Incident Packaging Service, Feature-based patching;

Managing Performance & Resources - ADDM for RAC, Automatic SQL Tuning, Automatic Memory Tuning, AWR Baselines enhancements.

Course Duration: 4 Days

Course Objectives
» Describe enhancements to locking mechanisms
» Use the enhanced PL/SQL recompilation mechanism
» Create and use invisible indexes
» Describe Adaptive Cursor Sharing
» Manage your SPFILE
» Improve memory usage by caching result sets
» Discuss LOB improvements using SecureFiles
» Describe Oracle Database 11g default security settings
» Create a virtual private catalog for RMAN
» Encrypt a tablespace
» Use a Hardware Security Module with TDE
» Use EM to manage security options
» Configure fine-grained access to network services
» Setup and modify Automatic SQL Tuning
» Use ASM fast disk resynch
» Use SYSASM role
» Use EM to record and replay workloads
» Describe the SQL Performance Analyzer workflow phases
» Set up Automatic Memory Management in 11g
» Use ADDM to perform cluster-wide performance analysis
» Set up SQL Plan Manageability

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