Oracle Payroll R12

This course provides you a thorough knowledge on setting up payroll earnings and deductions in your organization. You learn about the role of definitions that Oracle Payroll uses to process earnings and deductions. You also learn about the templates and other implementation features available for earnings and deductions in your localization. The course also deals in detail with payroll balances and how you can write formulas to define payroll balances. You learn about third party payments and how you can set up a deduction and third party payment. You also learn how to initiate, set up, and manage deductions for retirement plans.

Course Duration: 4 Days

Course Objectives
» Configure a payroll that processes basic earnings elements and statutory deductions.
» Maintain employer and employee statutory deductions and taxes
» View and adjust employee balances
» Setting up payroll earnings and deductions in an organization
» Use predefined earnings types
» Understand the role of payroll balances, and define new balances and balance feeds Write or configure simple payroll processing formulas
» Set up third party payment methods
» Define and administer wage attachments
» Run payrolls using batch and QuickPay processes
» Run prepayments and payments processes
» Run costing and transfer to GL processes
» Manage exceptions and corrections