Oracle Fast Formulas R12

You will learn about different formula types (predefined, generated, and user-defined formulas )and how to adapt them. Specifically, you are introduced to the FastFormula required syntax, the use of global values, database items, data types, conditional logic, functions, user tables and their validation. Additionally, you learn how to maintain and add formulas at an enterprise for Payroll and Benefit calculations, for Absence Management and PTO Accrual Plans, and for Business Intelligence Reports. You also learn how to use FastFormula with QuickPaint Reports and Assignment sets.Course is intended to provide you with an understanding of the main uses of FastFormula within Oracle HRMS, and to enable you to write formulas for all your HRMS calculation and validation needs. The content in this course is relevant for both Oracle Applications 11i and Release 12 users.

Course Duration: 4 Days

Course Objectives
» Write well-structured and efficient FastFormulas
» Write formulas using the FastFormula Assistant
» Use conversion functions in your formulas
» Use conditional logic, Boolean operators, functions and user tables in your formulas
» Explain the use of FastFormulas for QuickPaint Reports and Assignment Sets
» Explain the different formula types
» Explain the difference between the predefined, seeded, generated and user defined formulas
» Create, modify, and use FastFormulas for validation
» Create, modify, and use FastFormulas for Payroll Processing
» Create, modify, and use FastFormulas for PTO Accrual Plans
» Create FastFormulas to define rules for Business Administration
» Adapt seeded and generated formulas to meet the needs of your enterprise