Oracle Core HR Fundamentals R12

Participants receive an overview of work structures and detailed instructions for creating the work structure components using Oracle HRMS. Students will learn about how Oracle HRMS offers an easy and traightforward approach to set up the work structures. Participants learn about the best practice in configuring the work structure components using Oracle HRMS Configuration Workbench. The module Overview of Enterprise Work Structures explains the different types of enterprise business models in Oracle HRMS. This module identifies the work structure components and explains their usage. The module also provides information about the best practice in configuring the work structure components. The module Setting up Enterprise Work Structures explains how to define the common data that your enterprise requires such as the unique structures for job, position, and other business entities. The topics in this module show participants how to represent the different business models of an enterprise using Oracle HRMS.

Course Duration: 4 Days

Course Objectives
» Identify the different employees/workers in your enterprise
» Understand how to represent your workforce using Oracle HRMS
» Recognize the different interfaces for which you can enter and maintain people information
» Recognize Self-Service HR capabilities
» Describe person types
» Identify components of the assignment
» Describe collective agreements
» Understand schedules and availability
» Understand how to manage employee transfers and secondments
» Describe HRMS and HRMSi workforce reports
» Demonstrate how to manage assignments
» Demonstrate how to enter disability information
» Describe how to terminate a person
» Demonstrate how to create people records
» Describe the key workforce concepts in Oracle HRMS