Oracle Advanced Benefits R12

You will learn how to set up an employee benefits program using Oracle Advanced Benefits (OAB). Taking advantage of the full suite of OAB features, students learn to manage benefits administration based on employee life events.Enrollment requirements and dependent designations that you can define help you to control electability of benefits. You'll learn how to manage coverage calculations-for life insurance type offerings-and actual premiums that you pay to third party providers. For choice-based benefits programs, the course provides an overview of setting up flex credit accruals. You will also learn how to use the Total Compensation Setup Wizard so you can easily enter your plan design into the Oracle HRMS/HCM database. The course offers an introduction to COBRA and HIPAA implementation. You will also learn how to enroll a participant into a benefits offering. Lastly, you will learn the advantages of using the Total Compensation Setup Wizard to create a benefits program.

Course Duration: 4 Days

Course Objectives
» Manage employee benefits based on life events
» Set up enrollment requirements, including action items and certifications
» Manage suspended elections and interim coverage
» Define requirements for dependent designation
» Define coverage calculations and actual premiums
» Demonstrate how to set up flex credits and benefit pools
» Trigger employee communications
» Set up the Benefit Service Center, a call center environment for benefits administration
» Use the Total Compensation Setup Wizard