1. What are the software and versions provided with the R12.1.3 Virtual Machine?
» Operating System - Oracle Linux Version 5 Update 6(64 bit)
» Oracle E-Business Suite - 12.1.3 (Database Tier)
» Oracle E-Business Suite - 12.1.3(Application Tier)
» Java update7 with 40
» Forms and Reports 10G
» Oracle database version
» VirtualBox 4.3.12

2. What are the requirements to use the R12.1.3 virtual machine?
Any OS that supports Oracle Virtual Manager and we provide the software of Oracle Virtual Manager and VM's for windows based by default. We recommend using at least windows XP or later OS. Any laptop or PC with minimum of 4GB with 64bit OS for better experience though 32 bit is supported too. Also the laptop/PC should support Hardware Virtualization(VT/Intel Virtualization Technology) with atleast i3 or higher or equivalent processor, and VT option is disabled by default on some computers and needs to be enabled by going into your Bios settings.
» Windows hosts x86/amd64
» OS X hosts x86/amd64
» Linux hosts
» Solaris hosts x86/amd64

3. Do I need any knowledge in installing or maintaining the oracle virtual machine R12.1.3?
No. We provide documentation on the hard drive with detailed instructions for initial setup and maintenance and we would expect some knowledge of using computer.

4. How can I use client tools like Forms, Reports, Discoverer, Workflow, TOAD, SQL Developer etc..?
You are required to download the respective client software from oracle and you would require the tnsnames to connect to the client tool which is provided on the hard drive to use.

5. What type of access is provided on the Virtual Machines R12.1.3?
You will have full access to Virtual Machines, Oracle Applications, Database 11GR2 and Oracle Unix.

6. Who are the recommended audiences for the Virtual Machines?
» End Users and customers
» Oracle Apps/ERP Functional Implementers
» Oracle Apps/ERP Technical Consultants
» Oracle Apps DBA
» Starters of Oracle Applications

7. What are the terms and conditions in using the Virtual Machines?
Oracle Corporation governs the complete right to use and detailed information of the terms and conditions can be found at the following links and additionally all terms of Oracle edelivery applies. By purchasing or ordering this product you agree to Oracle's edelivery Software License Agreement, Distribution and Export Restrictions.We are providing the services of installing the VM's on a hard drive for Demo, educational or evaluation purposes only and cannot be used for Distribution or production usage or to be exported.

8. How can I get additional support on Virtual Machine after purchasing?
We provide support for initial support if needed via team viewer session and as well provide up to 3 months of support from the date of purchase. You can send us email to requesting support